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The Last Tango – A Review!

The last 24 hours in our house have been very dramatic. Spending most of yesterday in A&E, today we needed some light entertainment, so I took my little Strictly fan Bella along to see Vincent and Flavia’s swansong, The Last Tango.

Before we went I made sure we had plenty of tissues, a camera, a sparkly pen to sign one little lady’s plaster cast and of course (that essential companion for all our theatre trips) one of our cuddly unicorns.

The show takes on the form of a nostalgic recollection of a man called George’s life as he clears his attic. It certainly is very emotive (I was told before the play started – “No crying mummy!”) and the storyline, combined with the beautiful dancing moved me to tears many times during the performance. It was just as well we took plenty of tissues. As Vincent and Flavia’s swan song, we were bound to get a little bit emotional. 


Vincent and Flavia brought the Argentine Tango (or Orangentine Mango if you’re a 5 year old Strictly fan) to our screens on Strictly. Together on stage their performances are captivating and their dancing so beautiful it gives you goosebumps. There is no dialogue in the show, but it still had us glued to what was going on. 

The storyline, singing, dancing, acting and of course the costumes and staging were the best we’d seen since last week’s Strictly Live Tour! Just like Dance Till Dawn, we loved it.

My lovely little girl said she’d give it 10 unicorns out of 10; it definitely got the Bella seal of approval. πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

Vincent and Flavia have given us so many fab-u-lous moments on Strictly. Being able to see their last stage show together left us feeling more emotions than we’ve ever felt before. It made us smile, laugh, and cry at the same time. It is one of the many memories we will keep of this wonderful partnership. As their last stage show together we can honestly say that they have gone out on a high! We give it 5*s and a sparkly glitterball on top.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Take Your Dog To Work Day – A Strictly Support Group Take On Events!

They say, never work with children or animals! Having worked with children, we know it’s not that bad. We’ve never worked with animals before, but imagine it’d be relaxing and filled with hugs.

Today is take your dog to work day. Or in Anton’s case, deal with two petrified dalmatians live on national TV! Yes, our furry canine companions have made appearances on Strictly too.

Over the last 12 series, we have seen 3 canine companions (Toto, Perdita and Perdy) play an integral part in performances.

We’d love to find out from you which canine companion deserved the golden bone and which one was in the dog house. Watch the videos below, then vote for your favourite in the poll. We’ll reveal the winner at 7.30pm tonight!

Get voting people (and canine companions!)

Cassie πŸ™‚

30 Day Challenge – Day 30 – Bella’s Final Day of Blogging and Tango Tuesday.

It’s Day 30 of my 30 day challenge and I think I need a nap right now for my final Blog Post I wanted to say a massive Thank You to everyone for reading my blog over the last 30 days. I hope you liked my posts. If you read all 30 of them, you get a massive gold star from me (it’s covered in glitter too!) ⭐️

Today, I thought I’d show you a Tango, as it’s Tuesday and that’s what mummy told me to do! I’ve chosen a Tango which has its own picture on mummy’s iPad πŸ’ƒ. I’ve chosen Rachel and Vincent’s Tango from 2008 (well before I was even born!) I never saw this version and don’t remember seeing Vincent on Strictly. I got to see Rachel dancing this with Kevin twice this year on the Strictly Tour, and I really liked it.

Rachel’s dress looked like a princess dress and they looked mean and moody. I can do that *pulls a paso face yet still manages to look adorable* It was full of drama (I like acting) and was Fab-u-lous. I’d have given these two a 10/10 and a sparkly Gold Star for their performance ⭐️. 

Here are Rachel and Vincent with their fab-u-lous Tango. I hope you enjoy it:

I’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. You can tweet me and mummy @scd_support or comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you everyone for reading my posts over the last 30 days. I really enjoyed blogging, even though it was very tiring. I hope Mummy lets me do it again soon.

Bye bye for now.

Princess Bella πŸ‘Έ

Thank you Bella for hosting a wonderful 30 day challenge on the blog. We’d like to relive this, so for our post tomorrow will be re-posting one of Bella’s fab-u-lous posts. Vote in this poll below to help us decide the ultimate winner and our Warm-Up Wednesday tomorrow.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Tango Tuesday – A Tourbound Tango full of Tension & Passion!

Today, the wonderful Strictly Tour cast land in Nottingham where they will be performing for the next few days. As ever, we’ll bring you tour pics and news to keep those Strictly blues at bay!

For today’s Tango Tuesday, we’re watching a dance we’ll be lucky enough to be watching again on this year’s tour. We’re watching Rachel Stevens’ gawjus, dramatic, passionate, red and perfect Ballroom Tango. We loved this dance and are extremely happy we’ll get to see it again.

We loved this dance for several reasons:
1) Rachel’s dress, was gorgeous and gave us serious dress envy.
2) Vincent choreographed a wonderful routine (we know Kevin will choreograph just as good a routine) which Rachel danced perfectly.
3) The music was gorgeous.
4) The routine was full of atmosphere, tension and drama. It had more drama than an episode of Eastenders. *gets distracted and sings the Eastenders theme tune*

We loved this routine and hope you will too. Here are Rachel and Vincent (if you close your eyes hard enough he sort of looks like Kevin without glasses) with their wonderful Tango:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Tweet @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Tango Tuesday – A Routine That’ll Make You Want to Dance ‘Til Dawn

Tomorrow we’re heading off to see the fab-u-lous Flavia and Vincent in their brilliant Dance ‘Til Dawn show and to say we’re a little excited would be an understatement.

For today’s Tango Tuesday we’re watching the masters of Argentine Tango in this fabulous routine from their Midnight Tango show. We didn’t get to see it but from watching this routine shown on Strictly, we think it looks amazing and it’s making us look forward to seeing Dance ‘Til Dawn even more.

We loved everything about this dance and hope you will too. Here are Flavia and Vincent with the cast of Midnight Tango and this fabulous routine:

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Tweet us @scd_support, comment in the box below, or on our facebook page! We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Show Review – Dance ‘Til Dawn

The other day, my lovely friend Serene invited me (along with her mum) to go and see Vincent and Flavia’s amazing show on stage. Sadly, one poorly little lady meant I was unable to go, but Serene kindly agreed to review the show for us. Here is what she thought:

The Argentine Tango has always been one of our favourite dances on Strictly and for us, no two professionals perform it better than the amazing Vincent and Flavia!

Ever since they introduced us to the dance in 2005 on Strictly, we have become massive fans of theirs and miss them on Saturday nights. So when I heard they had extended their Dance ‘Til Dawn tour and were performing in London, I couldn’t resist booking tickets for my mum (a huge Vincent fan) and me.

The beautiful and historic Aldwych Theatre hosts this brilliant show. We have to add their customer service is second to none and credit goes out to two ladies, Christina and Kym, who both helped my mum access the venue and enjoy the show in comfort.

Onto the show. Dance ’til Dawn takes place in 1940’s LA where unlucky in love Sadie Strauss (Flavia) and Tony Di Luca (Vincent) fall for one another and find themselves unintentionally involved in a Murder Mystery. There show is essentially a musical filled with beautiful dance moments. There are comedy moments, mainly provided by the narrator, Private Investigator Tommy Dubrowski and Lana Clemenza, romantic moments, dramatic moments and emotional ones too.

The dancing is divine, and there are dances in there for any Strictly fan from a cheeky Charleston (featuring Vincent in a Dress – nice legs Mr Simone!) to an emotional and superb showdance to Mi Manquara which will tug at your heartstrings. There is also a delicate yet manly and powerful cell block Paso Doble and of course a spectacular smoky, passionate, steamy Argentine Tango finale, which was worth the ticket price itself alone. Credit has to go to Karen Bruce, Vincent and Flavia for putting together such brilliant and creative routines.

The live band and singers add to the atmosphere and are absolutely flawless. There are some crowd pleasing swing and jazz songs in there, straight from the 40s which give the whole show a vintage Hollywood glamour feel as well as some of your favourite Strictly songs, which will have you dancing along in your seat.

Credit also has to go to the wonderful Vicky Gill who is the costume designer. I was most definitely born in the wrong decade as I love 1940s fashion and every single outfit on stage gave me dress envy.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and the comedy moments mixed in with dance make it perfect entertainment for the whole family. For my mum, a wannabe theatre critic who is very hard to please, she loved it and felt the storyline, dancing, music and costumes were all brilliant. She felt the finale was perfect and showed all the things an Argentine Tango should be! She also loved the way that Flavia and Vincent didn’t speak, but spoke volumes of emotion through dance and it reminded her of an old-fashioned silent movie.

We both felt we were in 1940s heaven, loved it and would definitely go and see the show again. Although we miss them on the show, it’s easy to see why Flavia and Vincent decided to tour with their own show. With a great storyline, amazing dancing, music and costumes, this show has to be our favourite ever dance show yet! Now when can we go back to see the show again?


Dance ’til Dawn is playing at the Aldwych Theatre until the 3rd January 2015 and after that will be embarking on a UK Tour. For more information, please visit http://www.dancetildawnonstage.com/tour/.

Thank you Serene for reviewing that show. It’s got me really excited to see it, I can’t wait. If you’ve been to see this or any other show, we’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @scd_support, comment below or comment on our facebook page (Strictly Support Group.)


Samba Saturday – A dance full of Brazilian flair!

We’re counting down sleeps until we head to see Dance ’til Dawn next week! With just 5 sleeps to go, we’re more excited than my 4yr old at Christmas, more excited than a kid in a sweet shop and as excited about seeing the show as we are about Strictly Saturdays.

For today’s Samba Saturday, we’re watching a fabulous routine from Vincent, Flavia and some brilliant Samba dancers.

This dance took us to Rio and has made us practice our Batucadas all morning (our legs hurt now!) We love it and it’s made us even more excited about our trip to the theatre next week. We will report back!

If you’re not going, or just want to smile this weekend, watch this dance. You’ll love it. Here are Vincent and Flavia with their Samba and some fab dancers!

Cassie 😊

Salsa Saturday – A Smurfingly Superb Salsa!

We have no idea what a smurf would look like dancing Salsa, but are pretty sure that the fabulous Team Smurf (Dani Harmer and Vincent Simone) could show Papa Smurf a thing or two about dancing!

During 2012, Team Smurf wowed us week after week with their fabulously fun routines, of which this Salsa was one of our favourites. Bearing in mind this dance was only performed in week 2, it was full of energy, enthusiasm, had great choreography and was a powerhouse of a performance.

It left us feeling anything but blue (we felt smurfingly splendid after watching this performance.) The music and costumes as well as the staging were brilliant too. We loved it and think it’s the perfect dance to make you smile and look forward to Strictly Saturday. Here are Dani and Vincent with their amazing Salsa:

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Foxtrot Friday – A Masterclass in Foxtrot

This weekend Alison and Aljaz will fascinate us with their Foxtrot and Mark and Karen will amaze us with their American Smooth Foxtrot. We cannot wait to see their performances and are sure they’ll be truly amazing.

We thought we’d give them a little masterclass to show them how it’s done. Today for our Foxtrot Friday, we’re watching the fabulous Rachel and Vincent with their amazing dance.

This dance showed us everything we love about the Foxtrot. It was floaty, light and smooth. We loved the choreography, costumes and music. It was one of those moments of strictly perfection where everything comes together to make a fabulous performance. It’s no wonder they scored a perfect 40/40.

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Rachel and Vincent with their fabulous Foxtrot:

Now you’ve watched this dance, we want to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 😊

Tango Tuesday – A Steaming Hot Argentine Tango. Phew!

Today’s Tango Tuesday fix comes with a warning, fans may be required! This dance is so steaming hot, we’re providing you all with a bucket of Ice Cold Water to chill you down afterwards. You can pour this bucket over yourself to raise money for charity, if you so wish!

We’re off back to 2008 to watch Rachel and Vincent’s steaming hot Argentine Tango. This dance was performed in the semi-final and received a phenomenal 39 points. It had so much mood, passion and atmosphere we were drawn in to watch this dance. Vincent is the master of the Argentine Tango and his choreography was amazing. Rachel performed it perfectly and looked stunning in the glittery shimmery dress. The end climb onto Vincent was very original and suited the dance perfectly.

We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here it is just for you, Rachel and Vincent’s Argentine Tango:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚