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The Countdown To Strictly Challenge – Day 8

It’s Day 8 of our Countdown to Strictly challenge and today we’re reliving our favourite Waltz of 2016.

When we say the word Waltz, one dance from last year’s Strictly springs to mind, and that’s Daisy and Aljaz’s unforgettable first dance.

It was one of those magical princess moments which made us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. It may have even moved some of us to tears *grabs her kleenex in preparation* It showed us the genuine chemistry between this couple and their beautiful and wonderful friendship.

If you missed it earlier, here are Daisy and Aljaz with their wonderful Waltz.

We’d love to hear your favourite waltz from 2016. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know!

Cassie 🙂 


Strictly Couple Weeks – Colin and Erin – Day 3

It’s Wednesday and today is officially #WaltzingWednesday. As part of our Strictly Couple Week dedicated to Colin and Erin, today we’ve chosen to relive their beautiful, romantic, elegant, floaty *runs out of adjectives to describe its amazingness* Waltz!

Word of warning to the Strictly producers, any Whitney Houston song does tend to turn me into a blubbering mess, but every dance performed to a Whitney Houston song has been filled with so much emotion and so beautifully phrased. They’ve been so beautiful that all of these dances (including today’s dance fix) are on my top list of all time favourite dances.

Earlier we shared this dance which was technically perfect. It was so good, Colin looked like a professional in our eyes.

In case you missed it earlier, here are Colin and Erin with their wonderful Waltz! Have a brilliant #WaltzingWednesday.

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Simply tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly Support Group – Strictly Couple Weeks – Day 5 – Zoe and Ian

Over the past week we’ve started our latest challenge, The Strictly Couple Weeks challenge!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll pick one couple and will share one of their dances every day of the week. This week it’s the turn of the wonderful Zoe Ball and Ian Waite.

On Monday we started off the week with their lovely lovely foxtrot, before moving onto their dramatic Tango on Tuesday. On Wednesday it was the turn of their light, bright and quick quickstep and yesterday we took a throwback to their beautiful Rumba!

Today, we’re going back to where it all began, with their Week 1 Waltz. It proved Zoe as an elegant dancer and saw her earn the highest score on the night, a magnificent 35/40!

Not only did Zoe look stunning in that dress, but the choreography was beautiful and wonderful to watch. As Len would say, she floated across the floor like butter on a crumpet *gets hungry wanting a crumpet*

Anyway, if you missed it earlier, here it is again, just for you, Zoe and Ian’s waltz!

Tomorrow and on Sunday we’ll share two more magical moments from Zoe and Ian before opening up a poll to help us decide the best Zoe and Ian dance ever!

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

Have a fab-u-lous Friday!

Cassie 🙂

Strictly 2014 – Your Favourite Dance of Week 1 – The Results

The other day, my 4 year old Bella, asked you to vote for your favourite dance of Week 1 in a poll on her recap.

She’s asked me (being a grown-up) to count your votes and I can now reveal (in true Strictly style) the winner is *drumroll*

Frankie and Kevin’s (wonderful) Waltz

It was one of our favourite dances and it’s clear to see why. Kevin’s choreography was soft, elegant and romantic and full of pivot turns. The costumes (and props) were beautiful and the music suited the dance perfectly (especially as the clever band had changed it to waltz time!) We loved it, and as first dances go, it was pretty amazing!

We can’t wait to see the dances this week and once again will be letting you decide your ultimate favourite dance of week 2.

Cassie 🙂

Throwback Thursday – Our Next Two Favourite Dances

For someone who’s not a Strictly Fan it’s probably advisable to keep your distance today. There has been loud screaming, lots of jumping around, lots of glitter being worn and just general excitement. As you lot all are super Strictly Fans, I know I can count on your support as there is *gets on her soapbox* JUST ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL STRICTLY IS BACK! *climbs down from said soapbox.*

Whilst we’re super excited about the show returning, I’m a little sad as today’s the penultimate day of our Fave First Dances. *sad face.* For today’s first dance I’ve chosen to show you Penny and Ian’s fab-u-lously fast Quickstep. When this dance was performed in 2007, it scored her an amazing 33 out of 40 points. The judges were impressed as were we, the audience at home, too. It had lots of flair, was smooth, fast and had beautiful choreography as well as rise and fall (*realises she’s sounding like Len Goodman!*) We also loved Penny’s dress, although we don’t think we’d be brave enough to carry off that green. We loved this dance and hope you will too. Here are Penny and Ian with their wonderful quickstep:

For our second dance, we’ve chosen to take you back to 2008 to watch Austin and Erin’s wonderful Waltz. This dance was declared by Len to have been “The best ever first dance from a male celebrity” so it seemed quite fitting to have chosen it for one of our fave first dances today. We loved the music, choreography and dancing which was understated, soft and elegant. It did move us to tears, so we’re sending you all a pack of kleenex just incase. Here are Austin and Erin with their beautiful waltz:

We hope you enjoyed watching these dances. We’ll have our final instalment in this series tomorrow, then will put a vote on here to decide the ultimate fave first dance.

Cassie 🙂

Wednesday Warm-Ups – Chosen for you by my little Strictly Fan!

As you know, this week I have been showing you some of my favourite first dances. The other day, I was interrupted by a super inquisitive 4 year old who persuaded mummy (it doesn’t take much!) to let her reveal her favourite first dances. Over to you Bella!

Mummy’s let me show you my two favourite first dances today. It was very hard for me to choose them as I’m only little and I like everyone on Strictly, but with a little help from mummy, I chose two dances.

My first favourite first dance is Hairy (Biker) Dave and Karen’s Cha Cha from last year. I liked this dance as Hairy Dave looked like he was at a birthday party and having lots of fun. I hope he had lots of cake afterwards, because he worked very hard! I think the grumpy judge, who I don’t like, was very mean to him because he was trying his hardest. Mummy always tells me to try my hardest. Maybe the judges were grumpy because they weren’t invited to his party or allowded to go on the dance floor. I think he should have got at least a 7. Karen was a great DJ and was very kind and patient towards Dave, letting him dance with her. I’m a little confused why the music kept going after she took her headphones off, but mummy says it’s the magic of Strictly. I really liked this dance and it’s my favourite ever first dance! I hope you like it too:

I’m only little, so I only watched Strictly last year. Mummy had to help me choose my second favourite dance. She chose a dance from when I was still inside her tummy. I don’t remember it, but she showed it to me and I really liked it. I’m watching some people called Ali and Brian dance a Waltz. I don’t know who they are, but mummy tells me they nearly won a glitterball. I like this dance as Ali looks like a princess and Brian’s jacket is white, so it looks like something from Frozen (my favourite ever film!) There are lots of spins (I think I would fall over spinning that much!) and it looks very pretty. I like the sparkly bits on Ali’s dress. She looks magical! It’s one of my favourite first dances. I hope you like watching it too:

Mummy’s told me to tell you to let her know what you thought of those dances. You can write her a message here or send her a tweet @scd_support. Thank you for reading my post. I’m off to go and pour some glitter everywhere to make the house magical ready for Strictly. Don’t tell mummy! It’s a secret. Here’s some glitter for you to do the same in your houses.

Lots of love from

Bella (aged 4 and a bit!)

Monday Memories – Two of our favourite ever first dances

As we write this post, there are only 4 days until Strictly shuffles its way back into our lives. Yes! Our weekends are planned right up until Christmas, and they look glittery, sparkly and a-may-zing!

This week, we’re sharing some of our #favefirstdances with you. Everyday we’ll show you two routines where our celebrities have made a good impression, have entertained or just danced their hearts out!

Today we’ve chosen to show you two dances from the glittery archives. The first, first dance we chose is Abbey and Aljaz’s tearjerkingly beautiful waltz. This dance was simple, understated and captured the true emotion of the waltz. Abbey looked gorgeous (as ever) and performed the dance beautifully. We were left desperately seeking kleenex and feeling a little teary-eyed. We loved it and thought for a first dance it was just gorgeous! It landed them an amazing 32 points too. Here it is along with a pack of kleenex just for you, Abbey and Aljaz’s Waltz:

For our second dance today we felt that we’d got a little too emotional this morning, so we needed a lift! For us, no first dance cheered us up more than Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor’s cheeky Cha-Cha. Here Lisa made a great first impression and proved she was the dark horse of series 10. She had natural rhythm, charisma, bags of enthusiasm, a true love of all things dance and a great friendship with Robin. The Cha-Cha sections were brilliant too and Robin’s choreography was imaginative. Craig even stated “dahling! you can dance!” One of our favourite ever quotes from the book of Revel Horwood. It is one of our favourite ever First Dances and we hope you enjoy watching it. Here are Lisa and Robin with their Cha-Cha:

Those are today’s #favefirstdances. We’ll have two more every day until on Friday when we’ll launch a poll to help you decide the ultimate First dance.

Have a wonderful day.

Cassie 🙂

Throwback Thursday – A Whimsical, Wonderful Waltz for you all

For today’s Throwback Thursday, we’re going back to Strictly 2013 to watch a whimsical, wonderful waltz with more pivot turns than a Waltzer Ride at the fairground. Yes, we’re off to see Susanna and Kevin’s amazing spinny Waltz.

You may need to close your eyes, as the section of pivot turns was so fast it made us dizzy. You may also need tissues as this dance comes with a warning; it may cause leaky eyes because of its beauty and emotion! This dance was beautifully choreographed, danced and performed, and in our opinion honestly deserved 4 10s from the judges (we’re not sure where their 10 paddles had got to that evening!) As it’s GCSE results day, if we were marking them we’d give them both an A*.

Susanna looked like a princess in her dress which glinted, swished and floated around the ballroom. Darcey and Craig both commented on the night how she brought the dress to life, and Len commented that as a couple they both lit up the ballroom. The dancing was spectacular and proved them as a force to be reckoned with!

We loved this dance and could watch it over and over again, keeping Kleenex in business. We hope you’ll enjoy watching it too. Here are Susanna and Kevin with their wonderfully gorgeous Waltz. Enjoy!

We’d love to hear what you thought of that dance. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

Memory Monday – A Magical First Dance

It’s the start of the week, so we thought what better way to start it than by showing a magical first dance from one of our couples.

When this couple danced in 2008, Len labelled it the best ever first dance from a male celebrity on Strictly Come Dancing. It was amazing and truly magical. We’re talking about Austin Healey and Erin Boag’s Waltz.

We loved the gentle, soft nature of this dance and today it’s eased us into the week in a calm and romantic manner.

Erin’s choreography was simple but effective and Austin performed it beautifully. The music (as ever) from the band and singers was beautiful and had an ethereal quality which gave us goosebumps. Erin’s costume gave us serious dress envy (she looked like a princess!)

We loved this dance, and hope you do to, so here it is to kickstart your week, Austin and Erin’s magical Waltz:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂

Monday Memories – A whisk back in time (no baking involved! 😢)

Today we’ve taken a trip to the kitchen and awhisk back in time to 2008. We’d love to bake you a cake but are a little preoccupied at the moment, so instead we’re treating you to a dance that was so beautiful it gave us goosebumps literally (something chocolate cake never does!)

We’re watching Matthew Cutlerand Christine Bleakley’s gorgeous waltz. We loved this dance for several reasons:
1. The music is one of our favourite Girl’s Aloud Songs
2. Matthew choreographed a soft, gentle, romantic and elegant routine which was beautiful.
3. Christine’s dress was beautiful. We don’t normally wear pink, but it looked gorgeous and gave us serious dress envy.
4. The dancing was impeccable and gave us goosebumps.

We loved this dance, even if it wasn’t the highest scoring dance on the night which is why we’ve chosen it for today’s Strictly Fix. We hope you enjoy watching Matthew and Christine’s Waltz: