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Strictly Couple Weeks – Colin and Erin – Day 3

It’s Wednesday and today is officially #WaltzingWednesday. As part of our Strictly Couple Week dedicated to Colin and Erin, today we’ve chosen to relive their beautiful, romantic, elegant, floaty *runs out of adjectives to describe its amazingness* Waltz!

Word of warning to the Strictly producers, any Whitney Houston song does tend to turn me into a blubbering mess, but every dance performed to a Whitney Houston song has been filled with so much emotion and so beautifully phrased. They’ve been so beautiful that all of these dances (including today’s dance fix) are on my top list of all time favourite dances.

Earlier we shared this dance which was technically perfect. It was so good, Colin looked like a professional in our eyes.

In case you missed it earlier, here are Colin and Erin with their wonderful Waltz! Have a brilliant #WaltzingWednesday.

We’d love to hear what you thought of this dance. Simply tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know.

Cassie 🙂