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Strictly Support Group – Strictly Couple Weeks!Β 

Over the past few months whilst we’ve been eagerly waiting the next series of Strictly *starts a 5 month countdown* we’ve been reliving some of your favourite Strictly moments of all time.

Some couples are remembered for one of their dances, whilst for other many of their dances stay etched in our memories for life. 

Starting this week, over the next few weeks every week we’ll pick one couple and will share one of their dances every day. At the end of the week, we’ll ask you to vote for your favourites in a special poll, so we can crown your favourite of their moments. To give you a sneak peek, here are just some of the couples who you will be seeing over the coming weeks.

It’s now time to reveal Strictly Couple Week one will be dedicated to Zoe and Ian, who graced our screens in series 3 (2005 *feels her age*) 

Each day we’ll share one of their magical dances. Today’s dance is their lovely lovely foxtrot! Ian has always been the king of the ballroom and this dance showed his beautiful choreography and also showcased Zoe’s skill as a wonderful dancer. Here it is just for you:

We’ll reveal our next dance fix from the archives tomorrow, so watch this space to find out more and get involved.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Strictly News at Ten(ish) – Let the sparkly madness begin! πŸŽ‰

There are now only 10 more days until Strictly Sambas back onto our screens. To say we’re excited would be the understatement of the year!

Today our celebrities, professionals and hosts met up for the very first time this year. It was the first day at Strictly School. There was much excitement all around and we learnt that the boys know how to shake what their mamma gave them:

It’d seem it was a very fun day! We also had some exciting news that Strictly will launch on our screens on Sparkle-day – Saturday 5th September 2015 at 7pm on BBC One! We cannot wait!

There was also some fab-u-lous It Takes Two News. Zoe, Ian and Karen will be back and Zoe will have two sidekicks. Robin Windsor and Joanne “from Grimsby” Clifton will be joining the It Takes Two team. This does mean that Joanne won’t be competing on the show, but will be presenting, becoming a dance expert and taking part in the pro dances. It Takes Two will also be on for an hour every Friday, which will make us even more excited for the weekend, and there’ll be a live audience too! (OMG – Oh My Glitterballs!) Congratulations to these two on their new roles. Their excitement makes us sure they’ll be fab-u-lous:

Onto our final news tonight. Tinkerbell has officially joined the Strictly Ballroom. Yes, actress Helen George was revealed as the 13th Contestant on Strictly 2015. Having seen her dancing on Call The Midwife we think she’ll be fab-u-lous, and can’t wait to see who she’s paired with. The final two celebrities will be revealed tomorrow night from 7pm on The One Show. Who do you think Helen will be paired with and who else would you like to see fill the final two places on Strictly 2015? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

All this talk has got us super excited and we can now officially say Let the Sparkly Madness Begin! Strictly is nearly here.

We’re back tomorrow night from 7pm to reveal the winners of our back to school giveaway as well as the reveal of the final 2 members of the cast of Strictly 2015.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

The Strictly Support Group Needs You!

Now we’ve got your attention! With the Strictly Tour creeping up on us we’ve asked 4 lovely people involved in the tour to host a Q&A on our blog!

So “who have we got taking part in our q&a?” I hear you cry! Well, we have the wonderful, sparkly host of the whole thing Zoe Ball, two of our favourite professionals Kevin from Grimsby and Karen Hauer and the lovely Thom Evans.


All we need you to do is to send us your questions for these wonderful people, and we’ll ask as many as we can. Please send them to us before Friday evening and watch this space for some exciting interviews coming soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Tango Tuesday – An Argentine Treat For You All

Strictly has become like watching a sports match in our house. Last Saturday we watched the semi-final eagerly encouraging our favourites from home. We were pretty loud, so we hope they could hear us in Elstree.

All the dances were incredible, but one dance really gave us goosebumps. It was Frankie and Kevin’s amazing Argentine Tango. Our house became so silent you could hear a pin drop *pin drops* and was so intense it gave us goosebumps on top of our goosebumps.

Kevin choreographed a brilliant Argentine Tango routine which Frankie performed perfectly. The classical music really added to the drama, and we secretly want to steal borrow Frankie’s dress, it was gorgeous. The whole performance slotted together to be one of those perfect Strictly moments where music and dance come together and we get lost in the moment. For us, it was that good, it reminded us of Susanna and Kevin’s amazing Paso Doble from Blackpool and we felt they should have been awarded 4 10s!

We loved this dance and hope you love it too. Here are Frankie and Kevin with their amazing Argentine Tango:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. We have another Tango treat for you on our advent calendar today too. Click here to see what it is:

We’ll be here from 8.30pm tonight with a Strictly Support Group chat and hopefully an announcement from our lovely founder Cassie. See you then!

The Strictly Support Group

Samba and Salsa Saturday – A Birthday Treat For a Very Special Lady (@StrictlyLucy2)

As you all know by now, Saturday is not just Strictly Day, but also Samba and Salsa Saturday. These dances are the perfect way to celebrate the start of the weekend and any special occasion.

Today is the lovely Denise’s (@strictlylucy2) birthday. As we’re super polite, we’d never reveal how old a lady is, but we hope she has a fantastic day. She’s helped us out a lot over the last year and for that we’re very greatful. As it is her special day, we asked her to name her favourite Samba and Salsa routine, to help her celebrate.

For her favourite Samba she’s chosen Zoe Ball and Ian Waite’s Samba. She’s chosen this dance as it’s “what samba is all about – having fun. Zoe & Ian looked like they were having a ball. No pun intended” We agree! This dance was sensational and Zoe brought her dress to life! The music was great, the choreography fabulous and the dancing was fit for a space on the Rio Carnival. We loved it just as much. Here are Zoe and Ian with their Samba:

For her Salsa, Denise chose Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy’s Hip-Shaking Shimmying Salsa. She says “It was Hot. Mark was quite a shy character and that dance did something to him. He just came out of his shell performing.” This dance really showed Mark as a contender. Despite a wardrobe malfunction, he showed his fighting spirit wanting to do his best. Karen’s Choreography was pure fun and the dancing made us want to get up on our feet and dance at home. We loved it and hope you do too. Here are Mark and Karen with their Salsa:

Denise, we hope you have a wonderful day and all your birthday wishes come true. Thank you for all your support with our page over the last year, we really appreciate it.

If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up soon, let us know. You can tweet us @scd_support, comment below or on our facebook page, and we’ll make your birthday dreams come true. If you want it to be a surprise, DM us or private message us and we’ll make your Strictly Birthday wish come true.

Cassie πŸ™‚

It Takes Two – Tuesday 18th November 2014

On last night’s It Takes Two, we saw Sunetra and Brendan, the return of “Miss Benidorm/New Zealand” Karen Hardy and Pixie and Trent, who all stepped into Zoe’s lair for a half-hour of glittery fun!

First up were Pixie and Trent. We learnt that:
1) They both loved Blackpool as they could really feel the crowd roar! 🐯
2) Trent’s loving choreographing something new and being able to challenge Pixie.
3) Pixie loved dancing with 3 handsome boys!
4) She also loved Simon and Kristina’s Argentine Tango of all the other dances in Blackpool.
5) This week they’re dancing a Charleston this week and are bruised but looking forward to lifts.

A radiantly glowing Karen Hardy then came along to give her verdict on the weekend’s show. We learnt:
1) She loved Frankie.
2) She felt Jake and Simon were still and in control.
3) She loves Sunetra and felt she is glamorous and does the best voltas (it makes her sound like a chef more than someone competing in a dance show, we know!)
4) She loves Mark’s foot swivelling and commitment to dance.
5) She loved Pixie’s attack and found her captivating
6) She feels Steve needs light and shade.
7) She felt Caroline was undermarked and deserved more 10s (we agree!)

Sunetra and Brendan then joined Zoe on the glittery sofa. We learnt:
1) Sunetra knew she would be in the dance off.
2) She is praying to the god of ankle strength.
3) They’re dancing waltz this week.
4) They have their own language bababa bi bo ba ba ba (if you didn’t watch the show this will sound alien to you!)

And that was last night’s It Takes Two.

Cassie πŸ™‚

It Takes Two – Monday 17th November 2014

We haven’t done a review of It Takes Two for a couple of weeks, but tonight we had the chance to watch the show! Hoorah!

Tonight we saw Jake and Janette, Judy and Anton and Craig.

We were taken behind the scenes at Blackpool where we learnt that:
Steve felt like he was in Narnia in the group routine
Alison couldn’t miss Blackpool for the world
Zoe raved with her dad in Blackpool

We then saw Jake and Janette and learnt:
Jake was glad he had time to practice and give the routine justice and glad the judges felt he did.
Janette is proud of her student and their highest ever score.
Jake nearly dropped Janette in rehearsals.
Janette is super flexible, really little and trusting in her partner. Don’t try her split lift at home unless you are a professional.
Janette wants to make Jake shine.
They’re doing Samba this week. Snakeyjakey is back!

Craig Revel Horwood then twirled into and broke the It Takes Two studio!
He loved Blackpool!
He thinks there is lots of talent this year.
He loved Jake, he wants Frankie to be perfect, he was disappointed with Sunetra, he felt Simon was stiff, he’s in love with Mark (so are we,) he also loves Pixie, he hates Steve’s hands, he thinks Caroline is a joy to watch and has loved Judy backstage (even if she hit him twice!)

Judy and Anton then appeared for their final It Takes Two interview. We learnt:
Judy loved performing in Blackpool
Anton was impressed with Judy’s progress over the last few weeks.
She’s going to miss dancing with Anton. Her highlight was dressing up as Cruella de Vil.
She is going to do a Guest appearance on Anton’s tour in Scotland!

That was tonight’s It Takes Two. We hope you enjoyed our review!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2014 – It Takes Two Recap – 27/10

Tonight we came back with a bang and watched It Takes Two. It was a great show featuring Craig’s Revel-ations, Jake and Janette and Thom and Iveta who all joined Zoe in her hub!

We learnt that:

1) Sunetra dreams of glitter and wakes up covered in glitter, then realises she’s doing Strictly.
2) Steve wants big bushy eyebrows
3) Jake is really cool, calm and collected before her performs on the show.
4) He is really a Latin Boy, but Janette thinks he’s just as good at Ballroom.
5) People are calling him Jake and not Max! #hisnameisjake!
6) Craig and our judges are being super tough this year!
7) Craig felt that Alison needed to be more dramatic and Sunetra can push herself further.
8) He was surprised by how good Steve and Mark were and was shocked to see Thom go home, especially as he was going to do a Paso Doble dressed as a (topless) vampire (a la Ben Cohen from last year’s show!)
9) Craig loved seeing Judy relax and thinks Caroline is loose (in dance terms!)
10) We finally learnt what the word mellifluous means – flowing and sweet like honey! Thanks Craig.
11) He is very much looking forward to see Pixie and Frankie go head to head in the halloween battle of the Tangos!
12) We learnt that Thom loved his time on the show and really enjoyed learning to dance.
13) We learnt that Iveta thought Thom was just starting on a very long j-word
14) Watch out pub goers in London, Thom may be going to dance the Paso, if Zoe’s coaxing worked.
15) Zoe played matchmaker and thinks Thom and Iveta should go on a date! Awww!
16) Thom wants Jake and Janette to win the show.

and that ended tonight’s show! We’ll be back tomorrow evening with another It Takes Two recap.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Memory Monday – Today has been brought to you by the letter S for Samba

Saturday was most definitely the night of the Samba, with Pixie and Trent performing a Samba that *sings* we (we we we we we) liked very much and Mark and Karen shaking what their mamas gave them to emerge as the dark horses of the competition. For today’s Memory Monday fix, it seemed fitting to choose another Samba for your viewing pleasure.

For us, one Samba goes down in history as being our favourite ever Samba and that’s Zoe Ball and Ian Waite’s Samba to Aquarius.

This dance had more feathers than, well, a pillow fight or a feathery bird. It had more bounce than a kangaroo and the dancing was simply sublime. It is our favourite Samba of all time and truly captured the carnival atmosphere. We loved it and hope you will too. Here are Zoe and Ian with their Samba:

We hope you enjoyed watching that dance. Tweet us @scd_support to let us know what you thought of it or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2014 : It Takes Two – Show 15

It’s Friday and that means one thing! There are less than 24 hours until our next Strictly live show and Strictly Support Group. As Zoe pointed out, we definitely have a *hashtag excited face* ahead of tomorrow night’s show.

Tonight we had a sneak peak around Elstree, where we learnt that Mark is competing with Tim for the award of best headgear:

IMG_2944.JPG (pictures credit to @pashafan and @bbcstrictly.)

We still think that Tim wins this award in our eyes, but know there’s only one way to decide, with a poll. Just vote below for who you think wears a hat best:

We then saw Mark on Zoe’s sofa. We learnt:
1) He is feeling a lot better (phew!) and admitted he thought he really was Superman last weekend.
2) This week he and Karen are dancing the quickstep. We learnt he’s been singing along to the song all week long and is loving the dance.
3) We also learnt he’s wearing a white suit, so we have a feeling it’ll be all-white on the night!

Next into Zoe’s hub were Tim and Natalie. We learnt that:
1) Natalie was very supportive of her partner and was impressed with his characterisation in the Charleston last weekend.
2) Tim loves coordinating his outfits to glasses (nice bow tie and glasses combination.)
3) Tim is the perfect gentleman and bought Natalie a glitterball whilst filming Bargain Hunt. (aww!)

Sunetra and Brendan then stepped into Zoe’s hub. We learnt:
1) Brendan was slightly upset that Sunetra hadn’t bought him a present. We’re hoping our virtual cake gift, helped!

2) We learnt that Sunetra loved the American Smooth last weekend but is not friends with the Salsa yet! We’re pretty sure she’ll be fabulous.

We also saw Strictly CCTV and were shown 3 secret clips from training, involving Jay Z popping into Alison and Aljaz’s rehearsals, Joanne and Scott playing the longest ever game of Hide and Seek and Mark and Karen performing a “quickstep lift” and Karen screaming a lot!

It was then time for the Friday Panel with Vanessa Feltz, Stephen Mulhern and Kelly Hoppen.
1) They love Frankie, Pixie, Jake and Caroline and want Scott and Simon to do well.
2) They want Judy Murray to relax more and enjoy the dance as she looks nervous (we agree.)
3) They think that Tim may be in danger this week.
4) Stephen Mulhern has great hip action too. We predict a Strictly 2015 slot just for him!

That was this evening’s It Takes Two. We’d love to know whose dance you’re most looking forward to. Simply vote below to let us know:

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. Just tweet us @scd_support or comment in the box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be back tomorrow from 6.15pm for our Strictly Support Group and chat during the show. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚